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An important duty of the City of Noble is to issue building permits and conduct building inspections. Building permits are required for new construction, renovations, and many other activities. Some activities that require a building permit may include, but are not necessarily limited to:

  • The installation of an electrical, gas distribution, or plumbing system;
  • The alteration, construction, enlargement, removal, relocation, or repair of an building or other structure that includes plumbing, heat & air, and electrical improvement;
  • The construction or repair of any off-site improvement within that area defined by the Noble Comprehensive Plan; or
  • The installation of any air-conditioning, heating or refrigeration system, or the subsequent modification of existing systems. System shall not be deemed to include window units or free standing units that are installed merely by use of electrical plugs. If you are in need of a permit, you need simply to print the Application for a Permit to Construct form and bring it to the Noble City Hall.