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Court Rules

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This is a Court of Law you are expected to act and dress appropriately.

  1. If you are a minor, a parent or guardian must be present with you.
  2. No shorts, hats, torn or inappropriate T-shirts, etc. in the court room.
  3. Turn off all cell phones.
  4. Do not chew gum or bring snacks into the court room.
  5. Do not read papers or books during the court session.
  6. Smoking is prohibited anywhere on municipal property, including the parking lot.
  7. Please make arrangements for small children before court, however, if it is unavoidable that you must bring small chidren with you to court please make sure they are properly supervised and quiet.  Parents with disruptive children will be asked to wait in the lobby area.
  8. Talking is not permitted during the court session.