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Floodplain Management

The Floodplain Management department of the City of Noble is devoted to mitigating flood damages to its residents by regulating development in the Special Flood Hazard Areas (SFHA's), commonly known as the 1% or 100 year flood zone.  These are zones in the community which have a 1 % chance of flooding in any given year.  While Noble is fortunate to have few of these areaswhen compared to other municipalities, there are still significant SFHA's along the Canadian River and Dave Blue Creek, as well as a few others.  For obvious reasons, the city encourages builders to locate their development out of these zones entirely.


New Construction or Reconstruction for Substantially Damaged Structures

Any new construction which takes place in the SFHA area is required to be elevated above the Base Flood Elevation (BFE) for that area, which is simply an engineered estimate of the point that floodwaters would rise in the occurrence of a 1% flood.  This elevation requirement would also be enforced for those structures which were located in the floodplain prior to our floodplain regulations provided that, due to a natural disaster or some other cause, the structure is damaged by more than 50% of its value.  In other words, if a tornado damaged a home, and the cost of repairing the home exceeded more than 50% of its original value, the structure would have to become compliant with the current floodplain management standards.


If you have any questions regarding Noble's floodplain management policies, you may call the Planning office at (405) 872-9251 x6.