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The city of Noble Animal Control keeps a roster of lost and found animals within the city of Noble and the surrounding area.  If you have lost your pet, you can call and have it added to the roster.  Our roster is a very affective tool in assisting the Animal Control Officer with returning animals to their rightful owners.  When our Officer picks up a stray, one of the first things he does is check the roster for any animals that match the description of the animal.  Of course, all dogs and cats should have a collar and have a city registration tag and rabies vacination tag.  These allow the Animal Control Officer to look up the owner and get in contact with them to return the animal as soon as possible.

When calling to have your pet added to the roster, you will need to be able to give the Animal Control Officer or dispatcher the following information:

Date the animal was missing:
Animal's Description;
Species, Breed, Color, Size, Gender
If the animal had a collar, what color and kind of material, and if it had tags or not
Your Name, Address and a good phone number

If you have called and had your animal placed on the roster and find your animal or have it returned to you by other parties, the Animal Control Officer greatly appreciates being advised so he can remove the animal from the roster.