City Offices:

304 S. Main Street
Noble, OK 73068


20th Annual City Wide Garage Sale


Saturday, August 3rd, 2013

The whole city will be participating so be sure to visit additional streets that may not be included on this small listing.

404 Etowah Dr                                                1013 Aspen Cir

4720 Brookwood Dr                                       902 Kelley Dr

605 Bent Tree Rd                                            514 N Main

611 E Chestnut                                                505 Woods

205 E Cherry                                                    514 N Front

508 E Cherry                                                    519 N Front

110 West Walnut                                              206 N 2nd St

610 Silver Maple                                              1200 N 12th St

511 E Oak                                                         1004 N 5th

1416 Tiffany Ct                                                  510 N 5th

507 Meadowlake                                              600 S 8th

806 Meadowlake Dr                                         761 N 8th

700 Parkwoods Dr                                            501 Reece Rd

413 Treyton Pl                                                   4600 2 B St (105th and Post Oak)

There may be many more homes hosting garage sales that did not call in time to make this list.  Drive around for GREAT BARGAINS!

Sponsored by TERRY'S MARKET, Wolf Laser, Inc. and the Noble Chamber of Commerce in cooperation with the City of Noble