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Back To School Safety Campaign Starting

The Noble Police Department begins it’s Back to School Traffic Safety Campaign


The Noble Police Department announces that a combined awareness and enforcement campaign involving the Noble Police Department, Noble Schools Police Officer and the Cleveland County Sheriff’s Office coincides with the beginning of school.  School starts Thursday August 15, 2013. Members of the Noble Police Department will be teaming up on increased traffic enforcement in school zones and neighborhoods adjacent to schools. The patrols will be conducted during peak traffic times, and are designed to address “School Speed Zones” and “One Way Areas” around schools in Noble.


Patrol Officers will be watching for cars speeding through the designated “School Speed Zones”, cars speeding through crosswalks and seatbelt violations. In addition, Officers will pay particular attention to drivers who do not stop while buses are loading or unloading. Fines for speeding through a “School Speed Zone” carries a minimum $109.00 fine and greater depending on the speed, passing a school bus while it is stopped with its flashers activated carries a minimum $249.00 fine.


In addition to “School Speed Zone” enforcement, Officers will be monitoring seat belt usage for all drivers and passengers in vehicles in and around the schools. Police Officers want to slow drivers down and remind everyone to buckle up and be safe.  Lastly, watch for and obey one way signs.


The main goal of the enforcement agencies involved is to raise awareness of the importance of keeping our children safe in every aspect as they travel to and from school.


Some back to school reminders for drivers:

  • Do not pass a school bus that has its lights on and stop-arm extended.
  • Obey School Speed Zone limit signs.
  • Wait for a crosswalk to clear completely before continuing to drive.
  • All passengers should wear a seat belt and/or an age- and size-appropriate car safety seat or booster seat.
  • Always wear a bicycle helmet, no matter how short or long of a bike ride.
  • Make sure your child's walk to a school is a safe route and walk in pairs.
  • When dropping your children off at school drop them off in designated areas.


Let’s all work together to make this a safe and happy school year!


Ofc Alger standing by the One Way Sign.

Officers Conducting Familiarization Walkthrough







Above: Officer Alger, our Bicycle Patrol Officer, standing by One Way Sign with radar

Right: Officers conduct a familiarization walkthrough at the Middle School 

Below: Officers speak with a young juvenile about School Safety issues


Officers Speaking to a Juvenile about School Safety