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Cleaner Water Starts With You!

The City of Noble is undergoing a city-wide awareness project for the effects of storm water runoff in our community.  Polluted storm water runoff is the nation's greatest threat to clean water.  The heavy precipitation from local storms can flow into a storm sewer system or directly to a lake, stream, river or wetland, and anything that enters a storm sewer system is discharged untreated into the water bodies we use for swimming, fishing, and providing drinking water.

Here are just a few household tips to keep common pollutants such as pesticides, pet waste, grass clippings, and automotive fluids off the ground and out of storm water:


  • Use a commercial car wash or wash your car on a lawn or other unpaved surface to minimize the amount of dirty, soapy water flowing into the storm drain and eventually into our local water bodies
  • Check your car, boat, motorcycle, and other machinery and equipment for leaks and spills. Make repairs as soon as possible and don't rinse the spills into a nearby storm drain.
  • Use fertilizers sparingly.  When use is necessary, use the chemicals in the recommended amount.
  • Sweep up yard debris, rather than hosing down areas. Compost or recycle yard waste when possible.
  • Don't overwater your law.
  • Vegetate bare spots in your yard to prevent soil erosion. 
  • Sweep up and properly dispose of construction debris such as concrete and mortar.  Use hazardous substances like paoints, solvents, and cleaners in the smallest amounts possible, and follow the directions on the label. Clean up spills immediately, and dispose of the waste safely.
  • Clean paint brushes in a sink, not outdoors. Filter and reuse paoint thinner when using oil-based points. Properly dispose of excess paints through a household hazardous waste collection program, or donate unused paint to local organizations.
  • Reduce the amount of paved area and increase the amount of vegated area in your yard. Use native plants in your landscaping to reduce the need for watering during dry periouds. Consider directing downspouts away from paved surfaces onto lawns and other measures to increase infiltration and reduce polluted runoff.


We also have a crossword puzzle for the kids!


The City of Noble takes the quality of its streams and creeks very seriously.  If you there is something that could contribute to stormwater pollution in your area, go to the contact us section of our website or call (405) 872-9251 x 3 and tell us about it.  We don't need your name and we should be there to inspect the concern within 24 hours.