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Noble, OK 73068


If you're cold, your pets are cold

Winter weather is here again, and the Noble Animal Control would like to remind everyone that along with preparing your vehicle, home, and wardrobe for the cold weather, you need to ensure that your animals are also properly prepared.

Below are some tips on how to ensure your animals are properly cared for.

  • If your animal is an outside only animal, you need to ensure that it has a warm, dry place to get out of the wind.  Hay and blankets not only give your animals padding, they also help them to keep warm.  If you use any kind of device for heating a space, make sure it will not become a fire hazard.
  • If your animal is not an outside animal, be sure that they are not left outside for long.
  • Water in metal containers will freeze faster and the ice will be thicker than in non-metal water containers.
  • Animals, like people, will burn more calories when moving around outside.  Give your animals that stay outside a little extra food.

City of Noble Ordinance


It is unlawful for any person to willfully or maliciously kill, injure, maim, disfigure, torture, beat with a stick, chain, club or any other object, mutilate, burn or scald with any substance, overdrive or overload; to fail, refuse or neglect any animal in his charge or custody, as owner or otherwise, with proper food, drink, shade, care or shelter from all elements or to carry any animal in or upon any vehicle in a cruel or inhumane manner or otherwise cruelly treat any animal.