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News From City Hall November, 2012

News from Noble City Hall

From City Manager Bob Wade





In keeping with Noble’s efforts to become a healthy community, Mayor Gary Hayes has put forth a challenge to the residents of Noble to walk 10 million steps by November 17th.  Mayor Hayes says “it’s easier to do now that Noble has new sidewalks and walking trails and other areas that make walking, skating or bike riding easier and safer.”  Residents are challenged to walk an average of 10,000 steps per day.  The average person will walk 2,083 steps per mile.  We are tallying the total steps on an e-mail site:  If you have been walking regularly and can calculate how many steps you have walked since September 1st you can help with our totals.  Mayor Hayes will be part of the Nov. 16th “Weight of the Nation” conference at the Embassy Suites in Norman.  This is a regional effort to reduce obesity and diabetes.  Mayor Hayes was involved in helping Noble receive the Oklahoma Turning Point award recently as a “Champion Community” as a culmination of local efforts.  The Champion Award will be formally presented to the Noble City Council at the Nov. 5th Regular City Council Meeting at 6:30 PM.  





The 2012 Street Improvement Project that Noble voters approved, is off to a good start.   The warm fall weather has cooperated and Markwell Paving Company began the project the week of Fall Break.  5th Street which is contiguous to Pioneer School and KID Elementary was paved during the off week all the way from Etowah to Oak.  We now have completed the north end of 5th Street and the section south of Oak Street to Hwy 77.  Other streets that have been paved are: Oak Street, Jay Drive, Lindsay Street, Woods Drive and Willis Drive and 6th Street (between Etowah and Pecan Street).


During the next few days, weather permitting, the contractor will begin work on Leslie Drive, Riverview Drive, Walnut Street (between Leslie Dr. and Main Street), Pecan Street (between Front Street and Main Street) and  Ash Drive. 


For those who may not remember the other streets on this project, we intend to pave Crest Dale, Forest Hills Drive, S. Front Street (from the railroad crossing to Musgrave Field).   Based on the contract price we are hoping to be able to pave several more streets that were add alternates on the bid.


Markwell Paving Company has agreed to keep local streets open while they are working on them.  Our agreement states that, weather permitting, Markwell will pave a street within one week of major repairs or base work.  So far everything is working well.


This overlay project is a significant first step to really clean up the old town area.  Our plans are to overlay the remaining bad streets within the next few years from General Fund Revenues. 






The City Council voted recently to lease/purchase four new police cars for the Noble Police Department.  The Police Chief and his staff are working with Chrysler Corporation on a new state contract to lease four new Dodge Chargers fully equipped.


It was determined that based on the aging fleet, many with high mileage, that Noble could actually save money by lease/purchasing the new cars over the next four years.  The new cars will have a significant warranty agreement which should drastically reduce the annual maintenance costs.  Also, the new cars will get much better gas mileage which will result in fuel savings.  Because the new cars will be fitted with lights, radar and other necessary equipment, we will save money by not having to purchase those items.


In recent years to work within the budget, we have purchased refurbished police cars with approximately 50,000 miles.  These used cars were in very good condition and it allowed Noble to purchase two cars for the price of a new one.  However, often we had to spend additional money for lights, radars, etc., and the used cars had no warranties.


This move will allow us to remove a couple of very high mileage vehicles from the fleet immediately.  We also have developed a new logo for the Police Cars which will showcase the name of the community and the police shield.  It is a beautiful logo which will then be used on the reimaging cars to create a uniform appearance.  This is one time where a cost effective decision will result in some community pride.  






In this year’s budget, we have planned to work on the west side of Main Street between Chestnut and Cherry to replace the old concrete sidewalks which are in bad shape and dangerous.   This project would not be done until the spring. We are planning to refurbish the street lights to match the ornate lights on the east side of the street. 

 To help with the project we are applying for a REAP Grant (Rural Economic Action Plan) Grant in the amount of $25,000. 


We were able to complete the east side of Main Street a couple of years ago with a CDBG Grant from the Dept. of Commerce.  The funds were not enough to work on both sides of the street, so we picked the most difficult side and finished it first.