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News from City Hall, February 2012

News from Noble City Hall

From City Manager Bob Wade





As mentioned in the last article, the Noble Chamber of Commerce working with the City of Noble will host three community meetings to establish a new strategic plan for the City of Noble.   The meetings are set for 6:00 PM March 1st, March 13th and March 27th, at the Noble Public Schools Administration Building Board Room located at 111 S. 4th Street.  Prior to the first meeting the Chamber and City are conducting an online survey of residents in the Noble area.  The survey information will be sent by direct mail sometime in the next few days.  To attract as many Noble participants as possible in the survey, the Chamber of Commerce will offer a new 42\" Flat Screen TV to a response randomly drawn.  This will be your chance to state what you like about Noble and what you would like to see changed or added....and possibly win a nice prize.  These survey responses will provide an important starting point for the Community Meetings.   You may obtain more information about the survey by clicking on the Noble Chamber of Commerce website:





The Noble City Council voted unanimously to ask the Noble voters to approve a $1,000,000 Street Bond issue at the General Election on April 3, 2012.  The Council expressed a desire to fix our streets by asking the people to approve a significant project to kick start the process.   If the bond issue is approved, the City will immediately begin to improve the streets designated by the bond issue.  We would then commit to annually budget other monies to replace the remaining bad streets.  Within a seven to ten year period we would be able to repave all the worst streets.  If the process is left to our general fund budget only, it may take twenty years to replace the bad streets. 


Noble had a similar street bond issue that paid off three years ago, and the city did not actively pursue a renewal at that time.   In an attempt to keep the payments as low as possible, the new proposed bond issue would be for fifteen years (the same as the previous one).  Keep in mind that the ambulance bond issue that was passed in 2006 will pay off in two more years, so taxes will be lowered then.   Another great thing is that the huge $4.7 Million debt for the sewer plant will be paid off in 2017.  So in five years the city\'s budget will drastically improve.  


The planned street improvements were taken from most areas of the city and should positively affect everyone.   Some emphasis was given to streets that are heavily used by school traffic.   Here is a list of the streets that are on the list to be improved:  


(1)  5th St.---Etowah to Hwy 77  (2)  5th St.---North of Holsey St.  (3)  Woods-5th St. to 8th St.  (4)  Forest Hills Dr.---48th St. to Brookwood Dr.  (5)  Jay Drive  (6)  Lindsay St.  (7)  Crestdale St.  (8)  Riverview Dr.  (9)  Leslie Dr.  (10) 6th St.---Etowah to Pecan  (11)  Pecan St.---Hwy 77 to Front St.  (12)  Oak St.---Hwy 77 to 8th St.  (13)  Willis St.-5th to 8th St.  (14)  Walnut St.---Hwy 77 to Front St.  (15)  Ash St.---West of Front St.  (16)  Front St.---RR Tracks to Animal Control Shelter  (17)  Front St.---Animal Control Shelter to Musgrave Field.  Other streets have been designated if funds allow.


It is estimated that the effect on property taxes would be as follows:  $1.57 per month increase for a $50,000 house; $2.52 per month increase for a $75,000 house and $3.47 per month increase for a $100,000 house.


One other note:  Please understand that our commitment to public safety, including an EMS Service, has made it almost impossible to spend money on street improvements.  This is the best way to fix the streets---which is our biggest need---and still fund the other critical needs.   Interest rates are at historic lows and at this time we would expect very competitive bids.  So we should get more for our money now.  Please give this matter serious thought.  No one likes higher taxes, but this proposal is a good one.