City Offices:

304 S. Main Street
Noble, OK 73068


Noble Animal Control Accepting Applications for Shelter Volunteers

The City of Noble’s Animal Control is taking applications for Volunteers for the Animal Shelter. Volunteer Applications are available at the Noble Police Department.
Qualifications for Volunteers
1. The volunteer program is designed to meet the needs of the Noble Animal Control. Volunteers must be willing and able to support the philosophy, policies, and procedures of the Noble Animal Control.
2. Volunteers must be at least eighteen (18) years of age.
3. Younger indi...viduals may volunteer with constant parental supervision with approval of the Noble Animal Control Officer and the Chief of Police.
4. Volunteers must complete a Volunteer Application listing personal information, skills, days available, emergency contacts, etc.
5. Volunteers must submit a liability agreement, acknowledgement, and release form.
6. Volunteers serve at the pleasure of the City of Noble.
Volunteer Duties will include but not be limited to:
• Cleaning Cages and Kennels
• Providing food and water for the animals
• Washing food and water bowls
• Laundry, floor washing, and general housekeeping
• Animal Bathing and Grooming
• Dog exercising
• Rescuing
• Social Media
• Assisting with Special Events
• Notifying the Noble Animal Control Officer of issues in the shelter
• Other duties as assigned

Giving your time is one of the best things you can do for the animals at our shelter. We rely on you to help us continue to provide the highest level of care for the animals.
Volunteering at the shelter will not only be rewarding for you but for the animals. We need you to work together with us to find good homes for every healthy and behaviorally sound companion animal and to save all dogs and cats that can be medically treated and behaviorally rehabilitated.