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Noble Reflections April, 2011

Noble Reflections


By City Manager Bob Wade



 As everyone knows, we are in the middle of a drought which is high risk for fire during the windy, dry days.   The Noble Fire Department, like others in the area has been very busy during this early spring.  Fortunately we have not lost any structures in Noble.  We have experienced some expensive vehicle and equipment damage during the past month.  Please remember to cooperate during these “No Burn” days. 



 Noble Fire Chief, Gary Bonner has obtained a grant through the Oklahoma State Emergency Management for two solar-power generated Outdoor Warning Systems (storm sirens) for the City of Noble.  These sirens have been erected in the past few days and are being programmed.  Thanks to Oklahoma Electric Coop (OEC) donating and erecting the poles and the Noble Public Works Director, Mike Blanton, doing the electrical work we were able to complete the project.   One siren has been placed near Musgrave Field at the south end of Front Street and one on the Southeast Corner of N. Main Street and Woodbriar, just south of the vacant Movie Gallery building.  These two rotating sirens will give us five working storm sirens.  The other three sirens are located at the downtown fire station, and on the south water tower (Maguire Rd) and the north water tower (Lakeside Addition just north of Etowah Rd. between 8th Street and 48th Street). 


Noble will also cooperate with the Central Oklahoma Emergency Management Association to adopt Saturday at noon (instead of Friday) as the new weekly time for siren testing.  We will begin the Saturday testing on April 30th.  Just a reminder, but when a local outdoor warning system is activated, the public should “take shelter and seek more information”   Taking shelter is a personal decision and may include looking at or listening to various media to learn the nature of the hazard or threat, its location, and estimated arrival.  No local jurisdiction issues an “All Clear” signal.  This will be up to each individual citizen based on the best information they may obtain.


The siren warnings are not the most effective way to warn people about storms, but they are a piece of the puzzle.  Residents are encouraged to obtain a storm radio.  A National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) All-Hazards Radio with Specific Area Message Encoding (SAME) technology is a good method of receiving warning messages indoors and at night when you are sleeping.  Additionally, warning can be received from radio, television, subscription services (text messages, e-mails, and telephone messages), social media and other services.  The City of Noble is exploring the feasibility to add an automated telephone calling procedure to notify residents of hazards, emergencies, and other important local events. 




If you have noticed new roofs on the downtown Noble Fire Station and the Noble Senior Citizens Center, you are paying attention.  New roofs are being installed on four city buildings:  The downtown Noble Fire Station (No. 1), the Noble Police Station, the Noble Senior Citizens Center and City Hall.  This was a result of an insurance payment for hail damage.