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Nuisance Wildlife - Coyotes

Article from 2013.  We are again seeing an increase in reports of coyotes and other nuisance wildlife.   We have brought this article forward to once again put out the information.      

   We have been receiving complaints of coyotes encroaching upon the City of Noble.  Due to the drought last summer and the scarcity of food during the winter months, the Game Warden for Cleveland County has advised that the problem will continue until natural sources of food become more readily available to them in the wild.  If this coming summer brings continued drought conditions to the state, the problem will only worsen.  Lt. Woodruff, with the Oklahoma Wildlife Department, advises property owners to contact the Department of Agriculture’s Wildlife Services (OWS) at 405-521-4039.  The OWS has State Trappers that can come out to conduct an evaluation, and make determinations on the best course of action to take.  The landowner must be involved, as they have to sign an agreement with the Trapper before traps can be set on the property.

            The Game Warden also stated that coyotes have an open season all year for hunting.  For landowners, no hunting license is needed for the hunting of coyotes on your own property.  Anyone else hunting your property needs to be a licensed hunter, with the landowner being responsible for verifying licenses and reporting unlicensed hunters.  Due to the difficultly involved, it is unadvisable to hunt coyotes with a rifle.  A shotgun loaded with number 1 or number 2 shot is advised, especially to mitigate the risk of overshooting the target.

            Discharging a Firearm within the city limits is illegal.  Our City Ordinance covering the use of Firearms within the city limits is as follows;


           No person shall discharge any species of firearms in the City except when doing so in the line of duty, when lawfully doing so in the defense of oneself, or another person, or of property, or when otherwise authorized by law or ordinance. It is unlawful to discharge an air rifle or BB gun in the City. Firearms may be discharged for hunting purposes on owner occupied tracts of 160 acres or more provided that no firearm is discharged within 440 yards of an occupied building nor may a person shoot from or across a public of private road or railroad right-of-way.