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The City of Noble is in process of constructing a group of walking trails and sidewalks that will encompass a large part of the old original town of Noble.  When completed in 2009 the walking trails and sidewalks will provide 4.25 miles of safe walking and biking transportation.

In 2003 the City constructed the Riley Park Recreational Trail at 1400 N. Main Street.  This one mile long, hard-surfaced, lighted walking trail utilized the densely wooded park and the historic old abandoned railroad bridge to construct a peaceful walking area that is available 24 hours a day. 

In 2007 Noble began construction on Dane Park Trail at 501 S. 8th Street that will include approximately a _ mile lighted walking trail.  The trail will be constructed in 2009.  Dane Park is the historic site where Washington Irving camped during his visit to Oklahoma in the early 1800s. 

Kenneth L. King Park is the southernmost location.  This park property was donated in 2007 and will be the site of the King Park Recreational Trail a one mile hard surfaced walking trail also located primarily in a highly wooded area immediately west of Hubbard Elementary School.   One attractive feature of King Park is that it will be accessible underneath Maguire Road though the concrete bridge to the walking trail at Dane Park. This will provide more than 1.5 miles of walking trails in these two connected parks.

KATS (Kids Active transportation System).   In 2009, as part of a new federal grant program, Noble will construct 1.75 miles of new sidewalks connecting Inge Middle School on the North to Pioneer Elementary, the Noble Public Library, the School Administration Building, KID Elementary, and Dane park at 8th and Oak Street.  This new sidewalk, as phase one of the Active Transportation Program, will provide continuous walking sidewalk and trails for 3.25 miles in the old town area.