The Noble Animal Control has purchased a new Micro-Chip scanner in an effort to help reunite lost dogs with their owners. The Datamars Compact Max was chosen as it reads the four main micro-chips used in the United States (FDX-B (ISO), FDX-A/Fecava, Trovan, and Avid encrypted micro-chips).

While the City Ordinances do require that all dogs and cats be registered with the City and the city tag be worn on their collars, we understand that animals can lose their collars when they get lost.

As long as the animals are properly micro-chipped and registered with the Chip Company, and the registration information is kept up to date, the Animal Control Officer will be able to scan stray animals for chips, contact the propery company for the chip, get the registered owners contact information, and attempt to reunite the animal to its owner.

Some shelters and rescues micro-chip the animals that they have prior to adopting them out, and it becomes the responsibility of the new owner to update the registration information. If you have a pet without a micro-chip, most veterinarians are capable of micro-chipping your pets, you will need to contact your veterinarian to find out how much it costs. The Noble Animal Clinic at 323-D South Main Street in Noble does micro-chipping for approximately $45.

The Noble Animal Control does not offer micro-chipping at this time, we only check for the chips.

To register your animal with the city, we require a current copy of the proof of rabies vaccination by a Licensed Veterinarian, and $5 dollars to register the animal for one year, registration is done at the Police Depatrtment Dispatch.