On Tuesday, October 12th, 2021 Noble residents will have the opportunity to vote on a General Obligation (GO) Bond in the amount of $2,715,000 to provide funds to construct a new Fire Station in the 200 block of E. Maple and a disaster-resistant dispatch center at the Noble Police Station.  See below for a list of quick facts regarding the need for the proposal as well as the estimated tax impact for ad valorem taxpayers.  For any additional questions or information, please call Noble City Hall at (405) 872-9251.

Description of Need

  • Age: The current fire station was constructed in 1968 for the use of Noble volunteer firefighters. As the city has grown and added an EMS service, the existing facility no longer meets the growing needs of the City and the Fire and EMS Departments.


  • Safety: Due to space limitations, Noble’s fire fighters must store their bunker gear in the apparatus bay, exposing the protective gear with diesel fumes. A large part of the health and safety of our firefighters is cancer prevention. The new facility will allow the Fire Department to establish ‘clean zones’ to ensure the safety of health of Noble’s fire fighters.


  • Accessible Continuing Education: The new facility will contain a classroom to allow Fire and EMS training locally instead of going to other agencies’ sites to hold classes.


  • A Facility to Meet the Needs of Today: The new facility will give the department a room to do their reports, an office for the Fire Chief (who currently offices in the Police Department due to space constraints), as well as a safe room that will house EMS supplies. The current building is not capable of meeting the needs of the fire department when it comes to space for staff, emergency vehicles and equipment.


  • A Facility to Meet the Needs of the Future: The facility answers the critical structural demands of today’s Fire Department, but also provides the space to meet the needs of Noble’s growing community for years to come.


  • Emergency Response: Funds generated from the bond issue will additionally be used to improve the dispatch center at the Noble Police Department, creating a safe room for Noble’s dispatchers to ensure continuing operations in times of even the greatest emergencies.


Estimated Tax Impact (2020-2034)





Estimated Monthly Ad Valorem Tax (in dollars) *


2021 2022+ 2023 2024 2025 2026 2027 2028 2029 2030 2031 2032 2033 2034
$60,000 1.17 1.05 4.54 3.71 3.53 3.36 3.19 2.30 2.20 2.10 2.00 1.91 1.82 1.73 1.65
$100,000 2.07 1.87 8.05 6.59 6.27 5.96 5.56 4.09 3.90 3.72 3.55 3.39 3.23 3.08 2.93
$150,000 3.20 2.89 12.44 10.18 9.69 9.21 8.75 6.32 6.03 5.75 5.49 5.23 4.99 4.7 4.53
$200,000 4.33 3.91 16.83 13.77 13.11 12.47 11.84 8.55 8.16 7.79 7.43 7.08 6.75 6.43



*Assumes 12.0% assessment rate in Cleveland County and homestead exemption deduction
+ Beginning of 2021 Bond Issue levies