K-9 Unit


The City of Noble Police Department held a fundraiser in hopes of obtaining a K-9 Unit for the City.  With the support of generous citizens and businesses of the City of Noble who saw a need and donated funds for this program, the department was able to purchase a K-9 Unit.

“Longo” was obtained from Canine Unlimited in Tulsa, Oklahoma when he was one and a half years old.  “Longo” was bred in the Czech-Republic where he was trained as a patrol canine from birth.  “Longo” was brought to the United States where his training was finished by Canine Unlimited and then placed with an officer within the Noble Police Department.  The K-9 unit must attend and graduate an intensive training academy to become certified.  The canine lives with his handler who has a specialized departmental vehicle which gives the canine all of the needed necesseties to be transported all day.

The Noble Police Department Canine Program is used to supplement police operations by locating and apprehending criminal offenders and locating illegal narcotics. Because of their superior sense of smell, hearing and potential aggressiveness, the trained law enforcement canine is a valuable addition to police personnel.

The Noble Police Department canine “Longo” is specifically trained in tracking and trailing fleeing felons and lost children or adults. He has the ability to locate discarded articles and can detect the odor of narcotics. Police canines are particularly efficient in searching large fields or buildings for hiding suspects and can access small areas that officers would not be able to access. They are also very useful in high risk situations. Vehicle pursuits that often lead into foot chases are where the canine’s speed and tracking ability are very useful.

The Noble Police Department Canine Team is frequently requested for narcotic searches throughout the City of Noble including the Noble Public Schools.   Canine “Longo” is used to make unannounced visits to the schools to routinely check for illegal drugs.