Safe Transaction Zone

The Noble Police Department has created a “Safe T Zone” welcoming citizens to use its lobby and front parking lot located at 115 Nth 2nd Street for exchanging transactions arranged through online websites such as craigslist.  The “Safe T Zone” will provide a safe place for citizens to meet for transactions and transfers when they are meeting strangers to buy, sell or exchange property.

Chief Keith Springstead was first approached by Ward 1 Councilperson Dianne Gray who had heard of other jurisdictions that had implemented similar programs.  After consideration, Chief Springstead said “it just makes good sense to provide a safe environment for the people in our community who choose to shop online and want a protected neutral environment to conduct their transaction.”  Chief Springstead continued, “We are pleased to offer this safe alternative that will reduce the fear of the citizen making the transaction. Creating a safe environment by reducing the anxiety and frequency of crime while enhancing the quality of life has been our mission at the Noble Police Department since I took over,” Springstead said.  Our goal is to reduce the possibility of fraud, robbery and assaults from occurring.

Those seeking this service should keep in mind that the police department’s personnel cannot witness or sign legal documents, mediate, or give legal advice. Officers can give information to anyone concerned about a fraudulent transaction and ensure the safety of all parties involved. When using the facilities, please take a moment, prior to the transaction, to advise the staff of the meeting. The lobby is open 24 hours each day and monitored.