By exercising the power of home rule, granted to the City by the constitution and the laws of the great state of Oklahoma, the City administration operates under the laws that are clearly defined in the Charter of the City of Noble, Oklahoma. The Charter is the legal framework of the City, surpassing local ordinances and oftentimes even state law in authority. The first Charter was voted on and approved by the citizens of Noble, Oklahoma in 1990 and was recently amended by a vote of the people in March 15, 2005.

As provided by the Charter, the City of Noble operates under the Council-Manager form of government. The City Manager is the chief executive administrative officer for the City of Noble and is appointed by and reports directly to the City Council. The City Manager supervises all of the city’s departments, prepares the annual budget, and performs such activities as directed by the council. Lastly, the city manager has the power to appoint, and when necessary for the good of the service, remove, demote, lay off or suspend all heads of administrative departments and other administrative officers and employees of the city except as otherwise provided by law.

It is the dedication of the City Manager and all of the employees of the City of Noble to strive to fairly and efficiently create a safer and more enjoyable living environment for all of its citizens. Feel free to visit City Hall at 304 S. Main Street or call (405) 872-9251 if you have any questions or concerns.

View the March 15, 2005 City of Noble Charter

City Council

The City Council meets on the first and third Mondays of each month at 6:30 P.M. at the Noble City Hall.

MAYOR – Phillip Freeman


George Schmerer







Bernard Rabbitt








City Manager

Robert Porton

Welcome Letter From City Manager

Noble is the Rose Rock Capital of the World. This unusually beautiful rock formation is indigenous to Noble and is symbolic of Noble’s historic past. The Rose Rock was called the “Cherokee Rose” to commemorate the suffering of the Cherokee Indians during the great exodus to Oklahoma. The City of Noble was claimed and platted by Albert Rennie during the great land run of 1889, and was located along the historic Santa Fe Railroad route from Kansas to Texas. The town was named after James Noble, the U.S. Secretary of the Dept. of Interior.

Noble never became the ideal span for the Canadian River, and it did not become the commercial hub of Cleveland County. In the failure to grow rapidly Noble has become a city that offers the quiet, small town atmosphere that is very accessible to Norman and the OKC metro. One of the Noble Chamber of Commerce slogans is “Noble, were closer than you think”.

Noble offers a safe, friendly location to reside and raise your family. Noble offers city services including Police, Fire and EMS. Crime in Noble is almost non existent. Noble is now the home of a team sports park, a children’s splash pad park, two recreational trail parks and a disc golf course in the making. Noble has one of the best libraries in the country, two senior citizen housing complexes, and an active senior citizen’s center that hosts a nutrition program and many fun activities. A safe routes to school sidewalk project is underway that will connect all the schools in the old town area. Noble has adopted a 2025 land use plan, has an active Planning Commission and a Council-Manager form of Government.

The Noble Public Schools are a source of pride and the Noble Chamber of Commerce is very active. These two groups are working with the City and the combined effort is producing an attractive, safe, friendly, small city that is gaining attention on the south side of the metro. And Noble’s best days are just ahead. Come and join us.


Robert Porton
City Manager