Economic Development

The City of Noble in conjunction with the Noble Chamber of Commerce is actively involved in developing a comprehensive economic development program for the City of Noble.  The benefits of sound economic development are 1) the expanded availability of goods and services in Noble, 2) the increase in retail sales tax available to the city as a basic source of revenue, 3) the increase in property values as new business and industrial sites are constructed as a basic source of tax revenue for Noble Public Schools, and 4) the support of businesses in Noble.

The City of Noble, the Noble Public Schools, and the Noble Chamber of Commerce are working together to create a “three legged stool” structure of economic development in Noble.  The City must supply public safety, public utilities, and a clean environment that emphasizes the “quality of life” facilities.  Quality of Life facilities would include parks, libraries, well maintained streets, active code enforcement and a comprehensive plan that clearly identifies present and future land use.

The Noble Public Schools is a very important part of economic development because the quality of the school system will be a component of quality residential growth.  The Noble Public School system is working consistently to deliver a quality education by improving student test scores and by offering improved facilities and by retaining and adding quality teachers and staff members.

The Noble Chamber of Commerce can use the city and school efforts to recruit and improve the businesses in Noble.   Since the year 2000 the Noble Chamber of Commerce has sponsored the adoption of a new Strategic Plan that emphasized improved educational test scores, a vibrant downtown, culture and recreation goals, and the development of a new city comprehensive plan.    The strategic plan was facilitated by the Oklahoma Community Institute and resulted in Noble being named as one of the “Century Communities”.   The City of Noble following quickly on the results of the strategic plan hired the University of Oklahoma Planning Department to facilitate and publish a new 2025 Community Development Plan for Noble, Oklahoma.

In the past five years the Noble Chamber of Commerce has steadily increased its membership and has retained an Executive Director with normal office hours in Noble.  The economic activity is centered on the idea that Noble’s strength is its proximity to Norman and the OKC metro area.  Noble’s future growth is strongly tied to new housetops that will support an increase in commercial and industrial businesses.   Current activities include promotion of the annual Rose Rock Music Festival, active involvement with the Norman Economic Development Council and the Cleveland County Industrial Council and the local efforts to recruit business, improve the attractiveness of the city, develop current maps and brochures, promote tourism, and the creation of a local identity.

Strategic Plan


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Three years ago, the Noble Chamber of Commerce, along with the City of Noble  and the entire community worked with the Oklahoma Community Institute to set forth goals to better the community.

The areas of focus included education, culture and recreation, smart growth and vibrant downtown.  Once the ten goals were set, the community was given five years to achieve them.  Noble achieved all but two of those goals in three years and is still working to complete the final two.

Since the first planning session was such a success and so many great ideas came about from the process, it was decided to get back together with the Oklahoma Community Institute and come up with new goals or areas of focus for the community.  So, two community meetings were scheduled in the fall of 2008 and residents came out to share their vision for Noble.

The meetings were sponsored by a collaboration of organizations: including the Noble Chamber of Commerce, City of Noble, and a generous grant from Oklahoma Natural Gas.  Loving Care Home Health and Carolyn Little Realty were also generous sponsors for these meetings.