Please have your polycart out at the curb by 6:30 a. m. on your designated refuse collection day. We recommend that you set the polycart at the curb the night before your pick up day if it is inconvenient for you to get it to the curb by 6:30 a. m. the day of your collection. To find out your garbage collection day, contact City Hall @ 405-872-9251.  

Please note:  The only holidays that affect your trash pick-up schedule are Thanksgiving and Christmas.  


Household Refuse: Only normal household refuse that is BAGGED and in the polycart will be collected by the Sanitation Department. If you have more refuse than your polycart will hold, contact City Hall and ask about an additional polycart or an additional pick-up. Refuse that is not bagged and inside the polycart will not be collected.

Citywide Clean up: The City of Noble reserves a week during spring to pick up “Bulky Waste”. This is extra refuse that will not fit in your polycart. Dates will be posted on our news page and on your water bill.

For more information about the Spring Citywide Clean-Up, check the information line on your utility billing card.

Extra Pick-ups: For an additional charge and with prior notice, an extra pick-up can be made. To request an extra pick-up, contact City Hall @ 872-9251.


Please place your polycart facing toward the street as close as practical to the curb designated for collection. Please keep polycart free of obstruction to accommodate standard collection vehicles.

Polycarts must be removed from the curb within 24 hours after pickup.


The refuse container being provided for your use is owned by the waste management company. The rate you pay is for your sanitation service, which also includes the use of the polycart.

You are responsible for your polycart. The container can easily be cleaned with a water hose or with detergent and a brush. Do not use gasoline or cleaning solutions on it. Do not put coals of fire, rocks or other material in the container that may damage it. Keep it inside your garage, if possible, or beside your house, except on your collection day. Please remove the polycart from the curb after your refuse has been collected. This will avoid theft and vandalism as well as make our City look cleaner and neater.


If you move, do not take the container with you, If it is empty when you move, leave it behind your garage or house. If it has refuse in it, place it on the curb for collection. If you transfer to a new address in the City of Noble, that address will already have a container assigned to it or you will be assigned another one.

If you have questions regarding your sanitation, please contact City Hall @ 872-9251.