Controlled Burn Information

Controlled Burns within the Noble City Limits

The City of Noble Fire Department allows controlled burning within the city limits of Noble.  However, you are required to notify the fire department so you can be issued a burn permit if the weather conditions are favorable for burning.  Call the Noble Fire Department at 405-872-3030 for burning information.

If you fail to notify the Noble Fire Department and do not receive a burn permit, you are subject to receive a citation for the violation.

It is important to follow a few guidelines ensure safety during prescribed/controlled burns.

  • Relative humidity should be above 40 percent.
  • Wind speeds should be below 12 miles per hour.
  • Consider possible sensitive areas downwind (hospitals, neighborhoods) in case smoke might be carried in those directions.
  • Make sure there are no major wind direction shifts expected during the course of the  burn. A steady wind direction helps keep the main fire moving in the same direction.
  • Disc a 10-foot buffer around your burn area. It contains the fire and gives it a boundary.