Bicycle Safety

The Noble Police Department would like to present bicycle safety for the citizens of  Noble!  Regardless of age, here are some tips to keep you safe and out enjoying your neighborhood!

  1. Obey Traffic Regulations– Bicycles must be driven according to the same laws that all motor vehicle operators adhere to.
  2. Never Ride Against Traffic– Ride with traffic to avoid accidents.  REMEMBER- Pedestrians walk against traffic and bicyclist ride WITH traffic.
  3. Use Hand Signals– Signal all turns and stops ahead of time.  Look over your shoulder for any traffic, and then make your intended move only when it is safe to do so.
  4. Make Eye Contact– Confirm that you are seen!!  Establish eye contact with motorists to insure that they know you are on the roadway.
  5. Beware of Car Doors– Take notice of parked cars.  Motorists can unexpectedly open car doors.  Be particularly careful if you see a motorist in the car.  Ride a car’s door width away.
  6. Scan the Road Behind– Look over your shoulder regularly or use a mirror to monitor traffic.  Although bicycles have equal right to the road, but be prepared to maneuver around for safety.
  7. Be Careful at Intersections– The majority of accidents happen at intersections.  Proceed with care.  Vehicles making turns are particularly dangerous.
  8. Ride In a Straight Path– Avoid dodging between parked cars.  Ride in a straight line at least three feet away from parked cars.  Watch out for cars pulling out of parking places.

REMEMBER!!!!  More than one-third of all bicyclist deaths occur among school age youth, ages 5 to 20.

Why Wear a Helmet???

In 2001, nearly 314,600 children, ages 14 and under, were injured and treated in emergency rooms for bicycle-related injuries.  Nearly half (47 percent) of children, ages 14 and under, who were hospitalized for bicycle related injuries were diagnosed with a traumatic brain injury.

In 2009, 630 bicyclists died on US roads.  Additionally, bicycle deaths represented 2 per cent of all traffic fatalities that year.

Keep in Mind…

Head injuries are the most serious type of injury and the most common cause of death for bicyclists.  Studies throughout the United States have proven that bicycle helmets work and reduce hear injuries.  Bicycle helmets are the best protection against mishaps that cause death or injury.


Bicycle Registration Form
Noble  Police Department
115 N. 2nd Street

Noble, OK


Owner  (Adult)  
Physical Address  
Zip Code  
Phone Number  
Bike Serial Number  
Make / Model  
Type / Size  


Most of the bicycles stolen every year are stolen from the home, front yard, garage, porch, etc.  Always keep your bicycle secured inside a building or with a lock.  When locking your bicycle up, always lock it to an immoveable object that is open and in a well lighted area. 

To protect yourself from being a victim, please come and register your bicycle with the Noble Police Department. 

 Print this sheet of paper, complete the form, and turn it in at the address listed above.